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It's Official: We've Launched Higher End Goods

We’ve seen this coming...for a long time. For years, the three of us have been discussing starting a business together. So many nights after dinner, a cocktail and a few hits we would talk through what that could look like.  We felt passionate about being part of the herbal art and smoking accessories industry and knew there was a way to pair our daily paid skills in marketing, design, sales, and operations with the fast-moving industry that we, like many adults, are a part of.

We finally figured it out and went to work on Higher End Goods. We have a mission to create a curated collection of products that elevate the lives of people that enjoy the herbal smoking lifestyle. We will find unique, quality products, storage and accessories that stand out from the others, and even clothing, jewelry, and personal care products to again, enhance your life and keep the chill going. 

We can’t wait to hear from you and get feedback, product ideas or just a hello. Until then, a little message from each of us.

FROM MER (She’s our CEO and #1 shopper):

I could not wait for this day, to share our vision and most importantly start to share these unique goods with everyone I know, and hopefully, everyone you know too. I have loved exploring and finding creators that care as much as we do about products, design and our industry. I am always on the lookout for a great unique piece, spa treatments enhanced by CBD or fancy shmancy smoking accessory. Check out my product picks and please, share your favorites with me: meredith@higherendgoods.com

FROM AARON (He runs all of our operations, and really, makes everything happen):

We are blessed to know very creative and talented people. And many of those people make cool shit. And some of that cool shit has to do with smoking. And now their cool shit is available to you. I am down with one-hitters and pipes shaped like apples and narwhals. Check out my picks for my favorite smoking accessories here:

FROM JASON (He makes everything look good and makes sure we keep up the quality control):

I have always made an effort to find quality and unique goods that can quench my creative appetite. Being a creative director and clothing designer, my eye is discerning but I appreciate when I find something great. We really want to make those types of things more easily accessible and showcase some really creative and useful goods that make those chill times with friends a little bit better. 
I am always looking for cool organization systems and clean and cool pipes. Here are a few of ours that I am really into right now.

Hit us up any time at info@higherendgoods.com.

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